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  • What sets Wyld Roots Floral apart from other florists?
    Wyld Roots Floral is a business that provides unique services. Not only do we provide flowers for an array of events, we also provide custom subscriptions, and custom botanical pieces. We want our customers to feel involved in the process of creating with us; building relationships and building a community. Our services are very customizable and tailored for our clients wants and needs. What are you waiting for? Let's start designing!
  • What are the differences of the services that you provide?
    Wyld Roots Floral provides an array of services. Here is what we offer Big Installations Corporate & Private Events Custom Orders Elopements & Weddings Weekly Floral Subscriptions Check out the services page to learn more about each service!
  • Can I purchase a bouquet or a vase arrangement without doing a subscription?
    Absolutely! You can order flowers from our shop page. We are currently offering designer's choice wrapped bouquets and vase arrangements.
  • How do you take payments?
    We have an online invoice system that we send to our customers for payment for subscriptions, events, and custom designs, and then we use Point of Sale for items on our shop page!
  • Do you provide a weekly subscription for residential homes?
    Yes we do!
  • What is Wyld Roots Floral delivery area?
    Wyld Roots Floral delivers pretty much anywhere! Anything inside the 20 mile radius from the studio is $10 and anything outside of the 20 mile radius is $15.
  • Do you have a minimum for weddings?
    I do not have a minimum as I try to accommodate for various size weddings!
  • Do you have a cancellation policy on your services?
    For any events, deposits are not refundable. Any cancellations two weeks prior to the service will be charged for the remainder of the retainer.
  • Why do you not show any pricing for your services?
    Our services are customizable, therefore pricing may vary.
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